The Apology: My Love Letter to Heal Racism (A One-of-a-Kind Social Justice Picture Book)

A couple of months ago, in the final days of May, I purchased an Exhibitor Badge for the Book Expo of America (BEA), after printing 50 copies of my amazing new book, The Apology: My Love Letter to Heal Racism.  I aimed to meet the top publishers in the industry and show them the book.  The audience of literary big wigs seemed sincerely interested and engaged with the book in a beautiful way!   Additionally, as members of the public glanced at the book and opened it to peruse its contents, I received hugs, smiles, and even some tears of happiness.  These tears were a response to the knowledge that it is finally time to end racism, to make reparations, and to reconcile as White Folks come forward to acknowledge everything that’s happened in the way of the United States’ Enslavement of Black Folks, and the ensuing racism which they, and other People of Color, have had to face.

I feel really sad about everything that has happened to Black and Brown Folks, as well as All People of Color, and this is why I wrote the book.  It is a heartfelt apology from my heart to yours.  This three-part book contains: (1) allegorical stories that are typewritten, (2) beautiful, powerful and magical healing artwork I have developed over my lifetime for this purpose (to heal racism, build intercultural bridges make amends, and foster interracial reconciliation), and (3) colorfully handwritten love letters that show my appreciation for the lives of all people, and especially those of Black and Brown Folks.

It is for White Folks also, to better understand racism and how it operates, and what we need to do to interrupt it once and for all.  It is a lovely, spiritual and powerful book for all of us.  This book is about becoming one race: human.

I am seeking traditional publishing with a top company as I continue to develop the book from the feedback I was able to receive during the Book Expo.  I am also seeking an agent to help me connect with the right publisher and sell the book.

In the meantime, I continue to tweak the book, consider how to best advertise, market and sell it.  I will probably list in on Amazon in the next few weeks if I do not find an agent soon.  That way, it will be available to the public shortly.  I feel the need to make it available as soon as I am able.  I realize that it is a very important effort, and it means a lot to everybody.  That said, thank you sincerely for all of your support, love, and positive feedback!




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