Race or Care? : A Poem by Elana Stanger, L.C.S.W.

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If we keep running the RACE,

We’ll never win,

If we start to CARE,

Let the healing begin.



It’s up to us;

Let’s choose to CARE

So we may learn to trust.


We all ask forgiveness for

Our heinous crimes

“I apologize,” we say,

And it even rhymes.


RACE PRIVILEGE is no more,

“Bye, bye,” we say

As we embrace CARE and KINDNESS

Love will light our way —


Truth and Reconcilliation

And for ALL a brighter day,

When the RACE will have ended

And we ALL come out to play.


— Elana Stanger, a.k.a. Saint Angel


Please also see www.TheApology.org.  This website offers a place to apologize for our racism and to heal so that we may bring the brighter day mentioned in the poem above. Thank you in advance!

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  1. Thank you dear cousin for the poem and for the sentiments and truths you proclaim.

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