Love Everybody by Elana Stanger, L.C.S.W.

Fiercely Love Everybody by St. Angel (c) 2016

Hello All Friends Everywhere! My newest work of art, Fiercely Love Everybody, encourages us to love freely, strongly, and to never let each other go.

As members of different cultural groups, we internalized messages that told us to mistrust one another, remain in denial, reject and turn our backs on others whom we perceived to be somehow different from us. However, we now see that was the past. It is now time for us to heal together. We now make the life-affirming decision that as people of diverse cultures, we shall stick together and work together for justice and peace. We shall engage in fruitful dialogue with one another to heal ourselves and develop ourselves into trustworthy, dependable brothers and sisters committed to ending every kind of social oppression in our world.

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