Compassion Peace Love Understanding Joy Unity Hope Togetherness Beauty Kindness Trust by Elana Stanger, L.C.S.W.

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Build a bridge today between your heart and someone else’s heart.  There is too much isolation. Even if your life feels full, someone else may be waiting for you to build your bridge to them, to rescue them and take them off of their island of isolation.  Perhaps you’ll recall that your life became full when you, yourself, began building a bridge.  At first, you were unsure.  Do I have the tools, the materials, the right mindset to reach the other shore safely and in tact?  Then slowly and carefully, or maybe rapidly and haphazardly, you gathered your resources and you did the best you could.  Perhaps when you found the heart you were seeking on the other shore, you fumbled over your first words, you literally stumbled or tripped on your feet, you made mistakes.  Soon, however, you found that the heart on the new shore was more than happy to welcome you because the company of your heart and your mind was all that they had ever hoped for.  Anxiety left.  Peace prevailed.


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