One Sun For Everyone!


What better way is there for us to understand our interconnectedness as human beings than to realize that there is only one Sun that shines for us and we are all equally dependent on it.  Though most of us take little time to consider it, the Sun and other elements of nature grow our food for us all over the planet, and without the Sun, no human life could be sustained. This is a testament to our alikeness despite our differences, and the fact that there is something bigger than we are, upon which our lives rest. The Sun, in all of its immense brilliance and power, was not created by a human. Nor were the trees, the oceans, the sky, the soil. There is a force that loves us, everyday, and upon which we depend for our lives to be maintained. No life could exist without it. It sustains all. No matter our race, religion, sexual orientation, language, gender, nationality, etc. we are One as seen by this Light.

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