White Anti-Racist Allies Working Together for Peace, Love, Justice and Unity

Well, I just started a Facebook Page that I want folks to join called, “White & Woke”.  Please note the ampersand between the words White & Woke because that is my page.  Well, it’s actually our page, because… justice is about sharing.

I also started a website at www.WhiteAndWoke.World.  I intend to post information in both of these online locations, the FB Page and the Website, to help White Folks eliminate racism.

I generally refer to White Folks as “People Considered White” (PCW).  This is because I want to stop racism.  Racism is perpetuated, I believe, by the unconscious use of the term “White” to refer to our identity as a cultural group and as individuals.  Putting that little wedge in our conscious awareness in the move from simply “White” to “People Considered White” will help PCW’s become more conscious– more White & Woke, if you will– so that we might try to become good anti-racist allies for People of Color.

I want to invite all of you PCW’s and everybody else to join me at “White & Woke”. I will be posting my artwork to eliminate racism, social oppression, and White privilege.  My goal is to stop racism and to heal together with all of you so that we may become one unified Human Race.  We can begin to see ourselves as interconnected and interdependent.  In truth, we are all one.


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